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Yarr is Rockhopper's Red Puffle. Yarr was named so because he always walked to Rockhopper when he shouted "Yarr". He is one of the most popular puffles in Club Penguin Rewritten.

As Rockhopper's first mate, Yarr spends a lot of time on the Crow's Nest when sailing The Migrator, keeping a "watchful eye out for land any treasure that it seeps floating by".[1] He has his own telescope that he uses to see far away objects.

When Rockhopper is online on Club Penguin Rewritten, Yarr is sometimes seen alongside Rockhopper.


When Rockhopper was sailing on his ship, Yarr was found by Rockhopper "floating on a piece of wood in the water, looking famished".[1] Rockhopper brought the puffle aboard and the puffle joined Rockhopper's adventures at sea and other islands.


  • Yarr is shown on Rockhopper's Player Card.
  • If Rockhopper throws a snowball, Yarr will look at it through a telescope.


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