White Puffles are a species of puffles in Club Penguin Rewritten. White Puffles are known for their ability to breathe ice. They are also a little smaller than the rest of the puffles, therefore making them unique.


Attitude: Shy, powerful, gentle.
Favorite toys: Ice Skates, Frozen Wave, Snowcloud.
Elite Puffle Items: Blue Earmuffs, Ice Breath.
Special facts: Slightly smaller than other species.
Favorite game: Unknown
Play: makes an ice pond and skates on it.
Bath: Jumps in bath and freezes it. Gets out of the bath half frozen in ice and jumps up and down until ice shatters.
Favorite Food: Yogurt Parfait.
Gum: Blows a bubble which freezes and shatters into ice.
Dance: Bounces up and down with a snowcloud above it.



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