Hey, guys, I was doing some browsing on wiki this past weekend and I came upon Hagrid's wiki information I started looking at some of his pictures and I saw the blog when he was JOTW back in April of 2017 and there was a code on one of the boxes which can be found on a screenshot I took right here
 and when I cracked the code it read PSA was here so I started looking into some of the old pictures of the PSA in its golden age on OG Club Penguin I found that it was blown up by Herbert with a Pop Corn Bomb and the boxes are used to keep storage of the discarded furniture and devices I also collected a hypothesis from this encounter that the huge portal that is used to leave the box dimension was used in the spy phone to be able to let penguins teleport to different places but when Herbert blew it up the PSA had to move Gary's lab to a different location and cover it up with rows and rows of boxes to not let anyone know what was there before Herbert destroyed the PSA's first headquarters but in the April Fools Party a huge box spawned in the Snow Forts and the PSA's uncovered storage room was found the PSA was quiet about this and Gary told everyone it was for the party but this same accurance happens every year on that very day the April Fools Party comes to the Island and Penguins are now just used to this accurance because the whole truth had not been revealed to the common penguin it was top secret information and I believe only Mascots know of what happened until I found this blog post.
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