Everyone I'm writing to you with little time I just got out from a briefing at the EPF and I heard Gary and Aunt Arctic talking about the PSA's storage room in Aunt Arctics office which is now known as the  box dimension they talked about getting rid of it they were afraid of a penguin looking in a box and finding out the truth of how the PSA used to be there and telling Herbert. Gary said he could fix the glitch only if he had the proper equipment which is sold on Rockhoppers Island after he said this he went to call Rockhopper  on his spy phone and scheduled him to come at Mid Night tonight and then when he comes back he can fix this we don't have a lot of time if this happens and we don't stop it there could be massive rioting and a revolution I need penguins to come with me tonight and guard the Beach I need your help can't do it on my own!

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