The Puffle Party is back! And... Huh? It's not May? Why was this party released at the very end of April (Let alone delayed) and not the May party? They mentioned the Medieval Party coming in Summer, so we know the Medieval Party won't be in May... That would of been perfect for a better Puffle Party.

First, let's get to the pros.

The Pros



Renovation soon?

Did you notice the Puffles talking to each-other in the Pet Shop? It's most likely a hint towards a Pet Shop renovation (Which I wouldn't mind, I loved the 2011 Pet Shop!) I say this because CP did the same thing, had the same Puffles talking thing going on at the Puffle Party 2011.

Let's hope this means the Pet Shop will get it's 2011 renovation very soon, and that we'll even get Pufflescape!


Like the April Fools review, we can't really review rooms CPR hasn't custom designed. What we can do is judge their edits.


........Actually, let's just skip judging CPR's edits...

The Cons

Very Minor Glitches That Don't Really Matter Much But Are Noteworthy

Like the April Fools' Party, there are minor glitches that make this party feel really rushed, but don't matter too much.

And, to repeat what I said last time, "Keep in mind, I know those don't matter, but I guess they're worth mentioning in the review."

Missing Music

There's missing music in rooms like the Underground Pool, Beacon, and most importantly, the Pet Shop. How do they forget to add music, anyway?

This concludes my review! TLDR: The party is good, but feels rushed and has few minor errors.


Pat Sajak could host a better party than that.

Thanks for reading!

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