Hey everyone!

To debunk the theory that I hate every party, here's a list of parties I did like in the past for CPR, with reasons I liked them so much.

  1. Puffle Party 2017 (Felt like a regular Puffle Party, which is a good thing.)
  2. Mountain Expedition (Mountain Expedition was great on regular CP)
  3. ST. Patrick's Party 2017 (Great way to celebrate ST. Patrick's Day)
  4. April Fools' Party 2017 (SO much to do, it was fun and had lots of replay value!)
  5. Earth Day 2017 (Nice scavenger hunt and great way to introduce the new Mine Shack & Recycling Plant)
  6. Medieval Party 2017 (Lots to do, I loved medieval parties)
  7. Music Jam 2017 (My 2nd favorite party!)
  8. Water Party 2017 (Fun way to celebrate the summer)
  9. Festival of Flight (Festival of Flight was one of my favorite parties on regular CP!)
  10. Wilderness Expedition (Wilderness Expedition was a great party on regular CP)
  11. The Fair 2017 (Classic Fairs are great, I loved this one!)
  12. Halloween Party 2017 (Great custom rooms and good decoration choices)
  13. Penguin Play Awards 2018 (I loved penguin play awards on regular CP!)
  14. Earth Day Party 2018 (Nice way to celebrate Earth Day)
  15. Puffle Party 2018 (Felt like a regular Puffle Party, which is a good thing.)
  16. Medieval Party 2018 (Lots of variety and things to do!)
  17. Island Adventure Party: Rockhopper's Quest (My 3rd favorite party!)
  18. Penguin Games (Lots of fun, and lots of decorations.)
  19. The Fair 2018 (Lots of replay value, very fun)
  20. Halloween Party 2018 (Lots of rooms decorated, mansion was great, good custom rooms)
  21. Christmas Party 2018 (Great decoration choices)
  22. Underwater Expedition (I loved the expedition in regular CP!)
  23. ST. Patrick's Parade (Great way to celebrate ST. Patrick's Day)
  24. April Fools' Party 2019 (SO much to do, it was fun and had lots of replay value!)
  25. Puffle Party 2019 (Felt like a regular Puffle Party, which is a good thing.)
  26. Music Jam 2019 (My favorite party!)

26/34 parties I loved. I only didn't like 8, which were:

  1. Operation: Blackout (It just happened way too early.)
  2. Christmas Party 2017 (Questionable decor choice, didn't feel too much like Christmas to be honest.)
  3. Winter Fiesta 2018 (There wasn't really much to do other than the Casa Fiesta, which was pretty cool.)
  4. Waddle On Party (Honestly, how can you like that one? It's not really much of a party anyways, and CPR came back anyway, so it really didn't matter.)
  5. Music Jam 2018 (Questionable decor choice, it wasn't even that bad, though.)
  6. Winter Fiesta 2019 (Same reason as 2018's)
  7. Earth Day Party 2019 (They used the 2012 decor, which only really decorated 1 room instead of the Dock, Town, Snow Forts, Plaza, and Forest.)
  8. Island Adventure Party: Festival of Fruit (Why fruit?)

So in all honesty- CPR does a lot of great parties. Most of them are what we all expect them to be, and they end up being great.

So, there- I don't hate every party, so please, stop saying that I do.

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