• Seth4564TI

    Hey everybody, SethTI here.

    I thought of a new game to play, where every now and then, a new image will be posted here. The image will show a little bit of a location from Club Penguin during a party, and you must find out what party AND room the image shows. First comment that gives the right answer gets a point, and will be on this blog post's leaderboard for a long while!

    Let's get started. Here is the first image.

    What party AND room do you think that is from? Reply in the comments below!

    First round won by Leptospirose

    • Leptospirose: 1


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  • Seth4564TI

    Hey everybody, Sally Face here.

    You know the Wheel. Yes, that wheel. The Spin to Win wheel. The Grab & Spin wheel. The wheel we've all come to... Er, love?

    I figured something out. This wheel is literally the physical objectification of Squidward Tentacles.

    I have ONE ITEM left. The wheel has teased me since the 19th. I have stated that both the viking helmet and the shoes are my favorite items on the mystery prizes, however... The wheel gave me EVERY item except the viking helmet and the shoes. What are the chances? However, earlier today, I unlocked... The viking helmet. So, the item I wanted most, the shoes, is what I'll get last. You know what the wheel decides to be to me? Squidward Tentacles

    If that doesn't convince you, I don't know what …

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  • Seth4564TI

    You know me- "Sally Face", the one who complains about parties and everything CPR does. FALSE! The Fair 2019 is actually the perfect party, and I am going to explain why that is the case.

    Let's start with the decor- They are AMAZING. CPR decided to use a majority of 2011 Fair decorations, which, in my opinion, was the best Fair on regular CP. On top of these, CPR decided to, though not needed, decorated rooms like the Gift Shop, Lighthouse, and Mine Shack- Which is an amazing touch to an already great party. Not only did they decorate those 3 rooms, but they are completely custom and well made. The Pizza Parlor is custom, too, and really sets the mood of a western Pizza Parlor- They even included the bull ride, which I loved when I played r…

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  • Seth4564TI

    It's been a while since I've made a review, and oh boy, I've been craving making another one.

    And the next one, the Medieval Party! How can CPR possibly ruin the Medieval Party?

    Let's find out:

    Let's start with the pros of the party!

    It's a Medieval Party. You expect Medieval decor, and you get it, what else do I say?

    Oh yeah, and the 3 quests are great.

    Now, I've gotta admit, this quest is a bit lacking compared to the other 3, but hey, Screenhog made it in less than a week, and CPR coded it in less than a week, so you can't really blame them. However, the prize you get is kinda lame- A pin for all that? I had so much trouble beating the boss, too. I think this shirt would of been a much better prize:

    CPR seems to have a trend of not decorating …

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  • Seth4564TI

    Hey everybody!

    Welcome to a new series I'd like to call... "Blog Comments of the Week", where every Tuesday, I look at comments on CPR's blog, from any posts before Tuesday, and post some of the best ones here.

    Think of it as a "Reviewed by You", but more free, and awesome.

    Let's start!

    Come back next week for more on "Blog Comments of the Week!"

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