• Seth4564TI

    Lots of people were excited for this event. Why do I call it an "event" instead of a party? Because that's what it should classify as. This would of been better as an event. There's only 6 total rooms decorated! 6!!! What's fun about a party with only 6 rooms decorated!? Here's the pros and cons of this event.

    Now, you may be wondering, what do I mean by visually appearing? Well, it's nice to catch a break from bright white on CPR all the time. Rooms like Serene Springs, the Iceberg, and the Ice Rink are nice to look at visually, since it's pretty dark.

    Dot is back.

    And yep, like any ordinary custom party CPR makes, there's only few pros... Let's get on to the cons.

    And of course, like every other custom CPR party, there's VERY FEW decorated roo…

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  • Seth4564TI

    It's been a while since CPR's had a bad party. The last 'bad' party they've had was the Festival of Fruit in June of 2019. And for some reason... I don't know why, but CPR just CANNOT have a good party for January. 2018's Winter Fiesta was boring, 2019's was the exact same- This year... Well, read the review and find out.

    So, yeah, the night sky... It's cool, CPR rarely does it. Though, why in the world don't they have a night sky at the Fire Dojo or Serene Springs? Were they that lazy that they couldn't add it there!?... Also, the Fireworks were a good touch. (Update, as soon as I finished writing that, they updated the Serene Springs, and the Fire Dojo.)

    Yeah, the music is okay, it's really fitting. Not sure about the Night Club's song, thoug…

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  • Seth4564TI

    What an interesting year it's been for CPR. Failure parties, yet amazing parties... Meh parties, too. Today, we're ranking every single party in 2019 from worst to best. EVENTS NOT INCLUDED.

    This party was a joke, and I'm not the only one who thinks that. Many people think that the original adventure party from 2018 was WAY better, and that this was just a poor downgrade. Countless bugs, rushed rooms, a failure of a storyline, a useless fruit theme, and 0 replay value had this party ranking at the very bottom of this list. (Full review)

    It was literally a repeat of 2018's Fiesta. There was absolutely NOTHING to do, no replay value, and it was just really boring- The party will not return in 2020, thankfully.

    This one had a great plan, but did no…

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  • Seth4564TI

    Holiday Party 2019 Review

    December 21, 2019 by Seth4564TI

    Hey guys, Seth(bling?) here.

    Oh boy, it's that time of the year, the past two Holiday Parties stunk in my opinion. Did they nail it this time? Let's find out, this is the Holiday Party Review!

    CPR decided to make some custom decorations this year! Some of it I like, some I don't. The ones I do like are the Town, Underground Pool, and Lodge Attic. The other room they customized is the Plaza, which I don't like. You have to admit, the one from 2018 looks better than this year's. Here's a comparison.

    Yeah, the new one has a cool looking sidewalk at the bottom, but they could have kept the exterior decor from 2018! Why change it?

    On another note, at first, CPR for some reason decided not to decorate the Cove, Night Club, or Dojo again. Why leave ou…

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  • Seth4564TI

    Winter Party 2019 Review

    November 21, 2019 by Seth4564TI

    Hey, it's me with another party review! "Oh no...", oh yes.

    This month's event is the Winter "Party", dunno why they didn't call it a Festival of Snow, since it's mainly focused on snow and sculptures- The Winter Party from 2018 & 2009 featured the Snow Maze. This year's Winter Party does not have a maze, nor a mountain. Also, yes, the party came one day early, so that's cool.

    I have a feeling they're going to keep the Snow Forts. I suggested it, too, so they might. But the Snow Forts for this party I feel like is the main attraction. It's based off the Forts from Club Penguin's original app- You can destroy the forts and defend your own forts, and eventually a team wins, rebuilding both forts. The current Snow Forts that CPR uses is pretty …

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