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  • Russellthedog

    Hey penguins, welcome to fourth Club Penguin Rewritten Wiki Wordmark Contest! I will be doing these contests for now on, since Lataus can't do it anymore. Anyway this month's logo will be themed after the Christmas Party!

    The logo has to be themed after the Christmas Party. This can include anything Christmas related, like Christmas trees, Santa, reindeer's, elves, snow, presents, etc...

    • The wordmark must be 250 x 65 pixels or less; no larger, or it will be too big and won't fit.
    • Any bad content will be ignored and the user will be blocked from the wiki.
    • The wiki logo must be included.

    Here are past winners and logos to spark some ideas!

    The contest will end on December 20th and the new logo will go up the same day. To enter, just reply to this …

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  • Russellthedog

    Admin Application

    November 23, 2017 by Russellthedog

    I have decided to open up an admin application form since this wiki is lacking in admins. Go to here if you want to apply. Deadline is November 29th. Good luck!

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  • Russellthedog

    I turned some famous penguins into mascots. Enjoy!

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  • Russellthedog

    Color vote poll

    June 20, 2017 by Russellthedog
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  • Russellthedog

    With this template, you can add user boxes to your profile!

    NOTE: You can change the color, info and picture. This Userbox is really customizable.

    If you did it right it should look like this:


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