In every debate or confrontation, there is a time where it reaches a natural end. You might have won the debate. You might have lost it. Or you might have found yourself in a long dragged out stalemate. At this point it's time to stop trying to hold water in a sieve and back away slowly.

If you try to continue the debate, it becomes old news and you would have annoyed everyone near you to the point where they don't care. The water will just go down the sieve. You can't prove to us that you can hold the water in.

  • If you won the debate - good for you. Now run along and don't keep reminding us your opponent didn't "win".
  • If you lost the debate - we're sorry to hear that. Now you don't have to keep reminding us you're the "actual winner".
  • If the debate died a natural death - be the bigger person and let it remain dead. Don't try to hold water in a sieve again. Regardless of which side you are on, the water is not going to hold. It's a dead debate. Let it rest in peace.

This is a piece of advice you can use for any situation involving a confrontation or debate.

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