Good evening lads and lasses, and welcome to a series of blog posts that I like to call Fictional Stamps. Here I'll be taking a look at games that have no stamps to them, and then come up with some.

Why am I doing this, you ask? Because why not?

Because I like stamps. I think they provide a fun way to challenge yourself in a minigame, and it could be a great way to improve some outdated games.

Speaking of which, I decided to start this blog series with Hydro Hopper, because it's, in my opinion, one of the most outdated, bland minigames in cpr.

So, without further ado, here are the stamps I came up with.Duck

Difficulty Name Description
Easy Biscuit Beginner Finish level 1
Medium Frog Jumper Jump over 20 frogs on lilypads
Medium Jump Star Jump over 40 objects
Medium Balanced Tube Finish three levels without losing tubes
Medium Unshakable Tube Finish five levels without losing tubes
Medium Wakeboard Expert Reach 1,000 points
hard Duck Jumper Jump over 20 ducks
hard Unrelenting Tube Finish seven levels without losing tubes
hard Wakeboard Pro Reach 5,000 points
extreme Hyper-Ballistic Finish level 10
extreme Wakeboard Master Reach 10,000 points
Insanity Wakeboard Champion Reach 15,000 points
Total stamps: 12

I think these stamps are very balanced, considering the overall difficulty of Hydro Hopper, and could add improvements to this almost two decades old (!) game.

According to Hydro Hopper's Trivia section, devs have showed interest in revamping this game. Hopefully we'll get to see it come true someday. I wonder what stamps they would add to it...

I hope you liked my ideas. Feel free to leave your own ideas and opinions. All feedback is appreciated. :)

Until next time!

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