Good evening, and welcome to another Fictional Stamps blog post. Today, we'll be taking a look at the two simplest games in Club Penguin: Find Four and Mancala.

I decided to merge them in the same blog post because they are so similar in nature.

Find Four

Difficulty Name Description
Easy Found Four Win a game
Medium Half full Fill in half the board
hard Found Five Win by connecting five pieces
hard Master Finder Win 20 games
hard Invincible Win 5 games in a row
extreme Full Board Fill in the entire board
extreme Matchless Win 10 games in a row
Total stamps: 7


Difficulty Name Description
Easy First Victory Win a game
Medium Capture Perform a capture
Medium Packed Mancala Have ten stones in your mancala
hard Capture Pro Perform five captures in one game
hard Mancala Master Win 20 games
hard Filled Mancala Have twenty stones in your mancala
extreme indisputable Win with 36 points or more
extreme Matchless Win 10 games in a row
Total stamps: 8

These are the ideas I had. Both games are very simple in nature, so of course their stamps would follow the same pattern.

I hope you liked it And as always, feel free to leave a comment with your own ideas and thoughts. :)


Since the beggining of time, Mancala and Find Four have shared an unspeakable rivalry. Today, we shall put an end to it. Vote in the poll below, so we can finally put an end to this madness.

(assuming anyone is reading this...)

What game is better?

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