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  • CloudySky34

    Hey friends, today i have a blog post to teach you that how can you get SWF files from Club Penguin Rewritten to help out the CPR Archives Wiki! Getting the SWF from the game is very easier. So here are the steps :-

    • 1. Go the the and login into your account
    • 2. Right click with your mouse somewhere on the site but not on the game. Now many useful options will appear, choose Inspect Element.
    • 3. Now click on "Network"
    • 4. Now go into a server in the game. Go to the place of which you want to get the SWF in the game. In the "Network" tab, the SWF will appear.
    • 5. Write click on it, Copy the URL, Open a new tab, Paste the URL and go there
    • 6. Now save the SWF by pressing Ctrl+S
    • 7. You have got the SWF!

    Now you can get the S…

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  • CloudySky34

    Fan-Made Giveaways

    October 28, 2019 by CloudySky34

    I might make more and add them...

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  • CloudySky34

    CloudySky's Artworks!

    August 26, 2019 by CloudySky34

    Here are the artworks and edits i did! There are mostly edits of William...

    I might do more and add them. 

    Thanks for viewing them :)

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