Viking Helmet

aka Viking Helm

  • I live in Vikingland
  • I was born on August 27
  • My occupation is Collecting all Viking Helmets
  • I am a helmet


About me

Hello there, young one! My name is Olaf "Viking Helm" Kadalsson, but you can just call me Viking Helm! I am crazy about Viking Helmets, and vow to collect every helmet in existence!

What I do on the Wiki

Whilst I am on the wiki, I usually spend my time fixing problems on pages, adding small, missing pages and dealing with the nasty penguins violating the pages.

List of currently owned Viking Helmets

Viking Helmet

Blue Viking Helmet

Gold Viking Helmet

Green Viking Helmet

Fuzzy Viking Hat

Jewelled Viking Helmet

Pink Viking Helmet

Purple Viking Helmet

Red and White Fuzzy Viking Hat

Viking Lord Helmet

Winged Viking Helmet

Diamond Viking Helmet

Black Viking Helmet


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