My favorite mascots are...

  • Rockhopper
  • Gary
  • Aunt Aurtic

eyy i met my fav mascots eyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

a bit about me.

Hello there user! Welcome to my page!
My CPR username is Dantdmfan127. So if you see me. Say hi.
My favorite game is card jitsu.
I met 8 mascots. Rockhopper, Aunt Aurtic, Rookie, PH, Cadence, DJ Maxx, Rory and Gary
I joined in 2018 when Club Penguin Island shut down.
Anyways that's all from me!
Waddle on!


  • i also like memes
    Music jam submission

    My entry for the MUSIC JAM 2019 CONTEST

    Waddle On Party Waving emoticon
    Rockhopper Issue 3
    Lute Western T-Shirt Special Dance
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