• I live in In McDonaldland
  • My occupation is Creating art and hanging out with a great community
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'''''Note: '''I'll be moving to my new account, [[User:OfficerBigMac|OfficerBigMac]], on September 10th. This account will be inactive afterwards, and all my drawings will be moved to my new account's user page. ''{{UserInfobox|title1 = TEAMCD|age = 01/05/17; 130 days|favorite_minigame = [[Ice Fishing]], [[Pizzatron 3000]], [[Jet Pack Adventure]]|favorite_room = [[Town]] and Own [[Igloo]]}}
'''''Note: '''I've moved to my new account, [[User:OfficerBigMac|OfficerBigMac]]. This account will remain inactive. ''
Oh hey, you just stumbled upon my profile page. I am ''TEAMCD'' on [[Club Penguin Rewritten|''Club Penguin Rewritten'']]. I assist the wiki by making edits to pages with new information or creating pages for things that don't have a page yet.
I played the original ''[[Club Penguin]]'' back in 2012, when I found out about it because of a promotion featuring Innocent Smoothies (A british smoothie company) sponsoring ''Club Penguin''. I eventually quit after I forgot my name, but I am glad to be back in the world of ''Club Penguin'' thanks to a rewritten version of the game.
Not only do I edit and create pages on this wiki, I also draw. Examples are below.
Facts about me in ''Rewritten'':
* I own 119 stamps in ''Club Penguin Rewritten''.
* One drawing of mine was published in Issue 24 of the [[Club Penguin Times]].
* I have met two mascots: [[Jet Pack Guy]] and [[PH]].
* I have 12 pins (excluding [[Rockhopper's Key Pin]] and [[Moss Key Pin]])
* I own all the stamps from the games [[Ice Fishing]] and [[Thin Ice]].
That's all I have to say, thanks for reading and have a nice day!
== Gallery of Drawings ==
IMG 20170715 231310179 HDR.jpg|Drawing of [[Lataus]], a CPR moderator and POTW.
IMG 20170715 161645140 HDR.jpg|My first finished drawing of a penguin.
IMG 20170716 232710980 HDR.jpg|Drawing of the [[Water Party 2017]].
IMG_20170728_214353341.jpg|Drawing of [[Card-Jitsu]] with a logo I made for it specifically and also features [[Sensei]].
IMG 20170730 134243055.jpg|Drawing of [[Cadence]].
Festival of Flight Drawing.jpg|Drawing of the [[Festival of Flight 2017|Festival of Flight]].
Torres126.jpg|Drawing of Torres126, a POTW and the founder of Club Penguin Mountains, a fanmade blog for Club Penguin Rewritten.
Tweets009.jpg|Drawing of Tweets009, a POTW and also very generous and kind.
Larry!.jpg|Drawing of [[Larry!]], a POTW, now a moderator!
BluerQDrawing.jpg|Drawing of [[BluerQ]], a POTW, and a moderator.
StuDrawing.jpg|Drawing of [[Stu]], the community manager and a moderator for Club Penguin Rewritten.
HagridAndCodeyDrawing.jpg|Drawing of the main developers of Club Penguin Rewritten, [[Hagrid]] and [[Codey]]
JoeeDrawing.jpg|Drawing of [[Joee]], the chief executive designer and a moderator for Club Penguin Rewritten.
JuiceStandDrawing.jpg|Juice Bar.
TownRedesign.jpg|A re-imaging of the [[Town]] area in [[Club Penguin Rewritten]].
Image.jpeg|Another drawing for Card-Jitsu.
Larry!Drawing.jpeg|Second drawing of Larry!.
PautemiiDrawing.jpeg|Drawing of artist and moderator for CPR, [[Pautemii]].
GalvinDrawing.jpeg|Drawing of [[Galvin]], a CPR moderator.
FoFDrawing2.jpg|Second drawing of [[Festival of Flight 2017|Festival of Flight]]. This was the drawing that was published in the 24th issue of [[Club Penguin Times]].
HunterCPPSDrawing.jpg|Drawing of [[HunterCPPS]], a POTW, CPR moderator and youtuber.
ZeusDrawing.jpg|Drawing of [[Sam]], a moderator who runs the blog on CPR.
WE2017Drawing.jpg|Drawing of the [[Wilderness Expedition 2017|Wilderness Expedition]].
Drawing1.jpg|Drawing of CPR youtuber and streamer Drivr3joe with Officer Big Mac.
Drawing2.jpg|Another drawing of Drivr3joe.
Drawing3.jpg|Drivr3joe, DJ style.
Drawing4.jpg|Drivr3joe, at McDonalds.
MascotPixels1.png|A go at making some pixel art of CPR mascots via Microsoft Paint. Mascots included are [[Rockhopper]], [[Cadence]] and [[Rookie]].
MascotPixels2.png|More mascot pixel art via Microsoft Paint. Mascots included are [[Sensei]] and [[DJ Maxx]].
MayorMcCheese.png|A pixel art of Mayor McCheese made in Microsoft Paint.
TEAMCDPixelArt.png|A pixel art of me made from Piskel.
AstroBarrierPixelArt.gif|A pixel art of the game [[Astro Barrier]] (Also a GIF)
The CPR Coffee Shop.gif|A pixel art of [[Lataus]]' blog, The CPR Coffee Shop.
POTWs 1-4.gif|Pixel art of the first four POTWs.
POTWs 5-8.gif|Pixel art of POTWs 5-8.
POTWS 9-13.gif|Pixel art of POTWs 9-13.
POTWS 14-17.gif|Pixel art of POTWs 14-17.
POTWs 18-21.gif|Pixel art of POTWs 18-21.
POTWs 22-25.gif|Pixel art of POTWs 22-25.
SeanieDrawing.jpg|Drawing of [[User:Russellthedog|Russellthedog]] AKA Seanie6.
EustonDrawing.jpg|Drawing of [[User:Euston.cpr|euston]], who runs CPR Facts. He is also a POTW.
BananazcakieDrawing.jpg|Drawing of [[Bananazcakie]], a great CPR moderator.
CPR Mods.gif|Pixel art of moderators (Part 1)

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Note: I've moved to my new account, OfficerBigMac. This account will remain inactive.

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