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Favorite Mascot

Rory and Rookie

Favorite Puffle

Black Puffle

Favorite Minigame

Cart Surfer

Favorite Room


Normal Outfit

Black Hoodie, Tri-color Scarf, Frankenpenguin Hat and Fuzzy Boots


Okay.. I did draw my avatar :3 Whats up penguins! My name is RockyPlaysCP, short is Rocky. I am Female, so please do not be mistaken by my penguin. I played Club Penguin since I was young, like when I was 3 years old or something. I started playing Club Penguin Rewritten since September, since i hate Club Penguin Island like legit but I’m fine now.

I do drawing commissions for free!

I have a YOUTUBE Channel called RockyCPR, so don't forget to check that out! #ROADTO200SUBS

Some people to mention

  • My favorite moderator of CPR is Lataus! He's really fun when roleplaying and a great mod! He's also the only mod that I am buddies with (probably cause I edit this wikia lol).
  • I admire Alex Ctl’s art, he became an “idol” for me to look upon while doing art
    • Other People around Twitter also inspired me to do art
  • ScottyyCPR and LiamCPR are my best buds
    • Also Euro, Poptop, Happy 345677 and more
    • Lost Mitten (Shinsoku) may be my friend
  • Clubby8911 And Flame inspiered me to do Club Penguin Rewritten Live Streams
    • Scottyy And Savab’s obtaining the YT Pin gave me hopes to get one someday
  • Pengswim Is so fun and cool to hang around with
  • I always bump into Lunax While she was doing CPRMVs
  • Best King 58 is the best of stamps
  • Paolucci And JackyJess deserves some YT Pin
  • Dragon CPR always notices me :)
    • Also Steevie
    • Also Poptop And GreatGreenDerp (Springy) as they really like my video and I love them (as fans)
  • EyebrowBoy has an interesting name
  • Stu Is awesome

People Who I think deserve POTW

  • Steviee
  • Lunax
  • Poptop
  • DragonCPR
  • JackyJess
  • Euro
  • Clubby8911
  • Lost Mitten (Shinsoku)
  • Myself (LOL As if I am)
  • Agent Rocky
  • Springy

Fun Facts or Trivia

  • My Yellow Puffle is named “Crestie”, because I am in the yellow house for my school and the name for it is “Crest”.
  • My favorite clothing is 'The Frankenpenguin Hat.'
  • My favorite game is Cart Surfer (I earned all of the badges!) and Ice Fishing!
  • I currently have 111 stamps
  • By the way I adore blue and green

List of Puffles that I own

Image Puffle Type Puffle Name
Yellowpuffleold.png Yellow Puffle Crestie
Black Puffle.png Black Puffle Rodey
Blue Puffle.png Blue Puffle Soblue
Brown Puffle Old Look.png Brown Puffle Brownie
Green Puffle.png Green Puffle Joey
Orangepuffleold.png Orange Puffle Lil_Jeffy
Pink Puffle.png Pink Puffle Pink!
Purple Puffle.png Purple Puffle Bouncer
Red Puffle Old Look.png Red Puffle Redz
White Puffle.png White Puffle Snowy

Art I have Made



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