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taking a break
|time = 16:20
|performer = Rickhopper
|blocked = Rock23872
|exptime = never
|param = cannot edit own talk page
|summary = Being Rude!
|title1 = Rock23872 the image man
|image1 = Rock23872.png
|join_date = 7 October 2017
|joined_cpr = 12 April 2017 (P179176)
|stamps = 261/296
|favorite_room = [[Hidden Dojo Room]]<br>(ily rainbert)
|favorite_game = [[Aqua Grabber]]
|favorite_mascot = undefined
my friends call me Rock but you can call me Rock23872
i joined Club Penguin Rewritten on 12 April 2017 and i joined Club Penguin on 31 January 2009
*i can do images very good
*i have a lot of edits
*i used to be a rollback but that doesn't really mean anything
*i found the secret in issue 73 of the newspaper first
*i was POTW #128 and that's pretty nice i guess
*i'm more active than a majority of the current wiki staff
*i basically changed the way the wiki gets images
*without me the wiki would probably still be stealing images from cp wiki
==a lovely image gallery just for you==
Golden Mullet.png|the newest addition to ice fishing: the golden mullet, only a 0.001% chance of appearing
Sea Fishing Rod.png|the sea fishing rod is required to catch it
EVIL.png|catching it rewards the only stamp with a harder level than insanity: '''impossible'''
not only is it nearly impossible to catch, it is also '''pure evil'''. herbert is as evil as rookie in comparison to this fish.
Rock23872 IG.png
CPT 73 secret.png|the secret in issue 73 of the newspaper
Licc also.png|my life is spiralling out of control
josh peck guy.png|josh peck guy
aww.png|broom broom
gh.png|when you fc through the fire and flames on expert
nerf bastion.png
perapin and scrooge.png|[[User:PerapinCPR|Perapin Scrooge]] and his father, [[Scrooge|Ebenezer]], posing in their family-owned and operated [[Pizza Parlor]], circa 1974 (colourised)
ahdsfweoighw.gif|master windu i take it general grievous has been destroyed i must say you're here sooner than expected<br>in the name of the galactic senate of the republic you're under arrest chancellor<br>are you threatening me master jedi<br>the senate will decide your fate<br>'''i am the senate'''<br>not yet<br>it's treason then
yee haw.png|yee haw
aunt arctic no.png|that's not my name 👏👏 that's not my name 👏👏 that's not my name 👏👏 that's not my... name
b gilly.png|he need hims feet rub
god.png|god has revealed unto me his true form
Rock23872 POTW.png|woaghhh!
monty python's club penguin rewritten.png|our chief weapon is surprise, surprise and fear, fear and surprise- our two weapons are fear and surprise, and ruthless efficiency- our THREE weapons are fear, surprise, and ruthless efficiency, and an almost fanatical devotion to the Pope- our FOUR... no... amongst our weapons... amongst our weaponry... are such elements as fear, surprise... i'll come in again

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taking a break

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