aka Joey

  • I live in constant depression
  • I was born on May 25
  • My occupation is tending to the cprewritten wiki
  • I am sad

This user is currently blocked. The latest block log entry is provided below for reference:

they call me mr. image man

Hello, my friends call me Rock but you can call me Rock23872. I joined Club Penguin Rewritten on April 12, 2017 and I joined Club Penguin around January 31, 2009. I can do images very good, and I used to be a rollback but I got demoted but i don't really care bc rollbacks can't really do anything except the big undo

also i found the secret in issue 73 of the newspaper first u snellies

when the hekc did i pass 13k edits

Some lovely images just for you


Not only is it nearly impossible to catch, it is also pure evil. Herbert is as evil as Rookie in comparison to this fish.

good luck infi-nerdy

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