My favorite Christmas song on Club Penguin

My favorite Christmas song on Club Penguin

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  • I joined March 29th, 2017, the same day CP closed.
    • Fun Fact: My creation date was on March 7th, a bug in CPR's system. (215 days as of 10/7/17)
  • My first pin was the Crayon.
  • I am friends with GalvinLandonLarry!KingDededeThornPautemii, and Joee.
  • My favorite item is the Beta Grid Sweater.
  • I used own all stamps for Cart Surfer, until it updated and added more stamps...
  • My first party was the April Fools' Party. My first item was the Box Shoes.
  • My favorite party so far (8/12/17) is the Medival Party .
  • My favorite party on CP was the Camp Penguin party and the Mountain Expedition party.
  • My birthday is on March 13th.
  • My first time I was published in the newspaper was on February 14th, 2018.

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