Hello there!

You've stumbled upon my profile. If you don't know me, I was originally on the account TEAMCD. I am also TEAMCD on Club Penguin Rewritten. I usually make edits to pages or even create new pages to help assist the wiki.

Experience on the Original CP

In August 2012, a british smoothie company named Innocent Smoothies teamed up with Club Penguin. Any of their smoothies would contain a few codes that if redeemed online, they would give free fruity furniture, fruity clothing items and if you've collected all the furniture and clothing items, you would get a free Golden Pineapple Igloo. I played Club Penguin for some time, until one day I forgot my penguin's name.

I was pretty sad that Club Penguin would go on to shut down on March 30, 2017. Even though I spent a short time on it, it still made me unhappy. Thankfully, Club Penguin Rewritten has revived my interest in the Club Penguin experience, with a great community and overall great game!


More facts coming soon!

Gallery of Art

I also do drawings and pixel art. Here's the entire collection all in one place.

Main Drawings

Famous Penguin Drawings

Pixel Art

MS Paint Comics

Note: Click the comics to view them if you can't see them very closely.


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