aka Jordan

  • I live in Utah
  • My occupation is being lazy
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I am a CPRewritten player and my username is mepisdoe2735. My sisters account is Shopkins2222, but she hardly logs on anymore

Don't even bother fixing this if someone vandalizes it doesnt matter to me anymore

came back knowing actual stuff just in time to really get into it again

Some facts about me i guess

  • I am almost always brown on CPRewritten, this is probably because this was my first color.
  • i cant think of anything else.

My favorite pages

  • Recycling Plant
  • Cart Surfer
  • Candle
  • Rory
  • Favorite page #5
  • wasd
  • meh
  • Giant Head/ Huge Man/ Baby Man
  • ╚←╥ªº›≥
  • ¬_¬
  • all the pages i have created
  • £
  • what, you want me to put something here?


Mascot Met
Rockhopper Yes
Cadence No
Gary Yes
Rookie Yes
Sensei Yes
DJ Maxx No
Rory No
Franky Yes
Petey K No
G Billy No
Stompin' Bob No
Herbert No

Gallery (outdated)

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