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  • I live in Club Penguin Rewriten
  • I was born on February 29
  • My occupation is Challenging myself
  • I am Male

About Me

The page is currently outdated I will try to add the rest of the images soon!

I joined Club Penguin on October 11th 2009. I loved collecting stamps and getting new items back then and still do. When Club Penguin closed on March 30th 2017, I found a server named Club Penguin Rewriten I waited until April 1st to create the account but in the end I created it. I was kinda inactive on 2017 and 2018 except the last quarter. I firstly got the Red Hard Hat on CPRIP on May 15th 2017, then after 1 full year and a few months I started doing a stamp hunt on October 5th 2018 I went from a few to nearly all stamps, I ended 2018 with 274/295 stamps along with the Cart Surfer Medal Pin. When 2019 arrived I started challenging myself, along with getting the other stamps to getting the Blue Book, the Blue Mail Bag and of course the Green Viking Helmet. I got the Blue Book on February 28th 2019, the Blue Mail Bag on May 17th 2019 and after a few months I couldn't believe it but I became Penguin of the Week on July 15th 2019. After all of these goals I ended 2019 with 294/296 stamps and Im still trying to complete my stamp book. On January 16th Pufflescape was released including 11 new stamps. I completed the game next day. Now I have 306/307. On March 20th 2020, Dot made her first visit after 2 years which finally made me reach 307/307 Yay!

Future Goals

Sled Racing Medal Pin

Club Shirt (UK redemption shirt)

All Stamps (1 Remains as of now)

Getting all the future Anniversary Hats

Maxed Coins (16,777,215)

What do I do on the Wiki and in CPR

I love helping people with stamps and giving tips on how to get published, potw and other. In the wiki I also love helping admins and editors with the pages and other things!


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Outfits and Igloos

  • My January 2020 Outfit
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  • My Pre-Festival of Lights Outfit
  • Festival of Lights Outfits: Day 1 (Red)
  • Festival of Lights Outfits: Day 2 (Orange)
  • Festival of Lights Outfits: Day 3 (Yellow)
  • Festival of Lights Outfits: Day 4 (Green)
  • Festival of Lights Outfits: Day 5 (Blue)
  • Festival of Lights Outfits: Day 6 (Indigo)
  • Festival of Lights Outfits: Day 7 (Violet)
  • My Newer Outfit
  • My Outfit During CPR's Birthday
  • Puffle Party 2020 Outfit
  • My Outfit during my Birthday (29/02/20)
  • My Outfit during March 2020
  • My Outfit for Rockhopper's visit in March 2020
  • My January 2020 Week #1 Igloo
  • My Festival of Lights Igloo #1
  • My Igloo during my Birthday (29/02/20)

Special Postcards



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