Legacy Hunter

aka DaFrenchy

  • I live in France
  • I was born on January 3
  • My occupation is being the King of the Chickens!
  • I am always looking for food! :D
Hi it's me Legacy Hunter, better known ingame as DaFrenchy. I can be contacted by multiple ways such as Twitter, Discord (DaFrenchy#3280) or here!
I spend a lot of time keeping Wikis clean and organized and have a good but sometimes annoying desire of perfection. Welp, it all started on the 15th of September 2017 with a game called Cubic Castles. This was the first one I'd contribute to, and it was powered by MediaWiki. During a year I have edited a lot. Wait no... I mean A LOT. Literally spending half of my time on this wiki ahah. The more I edited, the more I felt useful for a game I was loving back then. Moving on to the Fandom platform on the 8th of February 2018. I am, since then, still using and editing Wikis on this platform!
A lil quote : "I'm pessimistic, but everything becomes cooler since I'm always thinking about the worst."

Staff on 2 active wikis. Working actively in 4 wikis. Over 10k total edits.

- Left the wiki in October 2019 - Left the game in January 2020 -

About me

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