JakeCentral was a penguin that joined Club Penguin Rewritten, August 10th 2017. He met all the mascots except snelly Herbert and JPG >:[  He had 122 stamps. He was part of the EPF and PSA. His penguin ID was 713167

The CPR Dojo

I run the CPR blog called- The CPR Dojo! It is very similar to CP Mountains, but also very different! Torres obviously runs a better blog, but I wanted to make one because hey, why not?



  • Clothing - (Before Shutdown, Not updating anymore)
  • Art - April 2018 to present

Favourite Stufferoni

Favourite Party: Halloween Party 2017

Favourite Body Item: Black Whirlpool Snowsuit

Favourite Neck Item: Blue Striped Scarf

Favourite Feet Item: Running Shoes

Favourite Face Item: Aviator Goggles

Favourite Color: Black

Favourite Igloo: Split Level Snow Igloo

Favourite Igloo Furniture: Security Camera

Favourite Room: Cave Mine

Favourite Game: Cart Surfer

Favourite Puffle: Black Puffle



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