• I live in the top of the Ski Mountain.
  • I was born on December 22
  • I am pure penguin from head to flippers.

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Hello, fellow penguin!

Box Dimension

My name is Ferastical and this is my story: A place once existed called Club Penguin. I had a lot of fun there, playing mini-games and talking to other penguins for years, until one day, an evil mouse took hold of the throne. Everything was fine at first, but then it all started to go downhill, ending with the mouse telling everyone that they will be moving the entire island to a different console and the desktop version will be shut down. In tears, I fled the island while I could. For months, stormy seas pushed me here and there. But one day, I saw a beacon flash, far far away. I started paddling, stronger than ever and with my last effort, I washed ashore on the Beach. Here I was, standing on an island very much alike my home, but yet, completely different. I found myself on the land of Club Penguin Rewritten, and my world was complete again!

My first account wasn't named Ferastical, but rather something more complicated I can't recall anymore. What I mostly remember from that account was that I helped at the Dig Out the Dojo event, so I must've joined around the end of February.

Here are some interesting facts about me:


  • My favorite colors are blue, purple and green;
  • My favorite mascot is DJ K-Dance, or as some call her, Cadence :D;
  • I like to hang out in the Coffee Shop, that's where I'm most probably AFK too;
  • I'm dreaming of becoming a YouTuber, so always look out for that ;);
  • I have been on CPR since August 2017, but activity-wise I have switched on-off. I'd say this is the third time I've come back to find out how awesome this game still is.
  • These are the games where I have all the stamps: Card-Jitsu, Thin Ice, Cart Surfer, System Defender, Treasure Hunt, Dance Contest.
  • I was terrible on Catchin' Waves, but after I got the Max Spin Stamp, I finally learned the game mechanics.
  • Pizzatron 3000 is a nightmare. Atleast for me. Come on, who should be able to make pizzas that fast?!?!
  • I hate people who play Card-Jitsu by just playing the card in their deck with the highest number on it. Come at me with a fine technique and we can be best buddies. Maybe I'll even give you some of my secrets?
  • I was really hyped for Card-Jitsu Fire, even before it was announced. Lately it has been glitching a lot, so now I'm hoping it gets fixed so I could start earning them stampy-stamps!

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