aka Trooper

  • I live in club penguin island (not the game)
  • I was born on April 1
  • My occupation is just waddling around club penguin and its wiki 'cause i have nothing to do
  • I am p e n g u i n

Hey there! If you're wondering why this userpage has such a huge blob of information, it's because I also utilise to keep track of my progress on CPR! :) Click on [Expand] to see that huge blob of information.


Hey there! I am CloudzzSG, but I am also known as Cloudz_SG (on Discord) and Trooper (In-Game). I joined Club Penguin Rewritten on April 1, 2017 and I have become increasingly active since November 21, 2019 after I recovered my account. I am a friendly person, but don't expect me to talk much. I'm a newcomer to this Wiki, having joined on November 20, 2019. If you see me in-game, feel free to drop me a friend request!

This section contains trivia about me.

  • My Club Penguin Rewritten penguin was created on April 1, 2017! This also means that I joined when Rewritten hit around 50,000 users.
    • My penguin ID is P45791 (this means I'm the 45791st penguin on CPR!)
  • My first party (according to join date) was the April Fools' Party 2017.
  • My first party (according to my activity starting 2019) was the Winter Party 2019.
  • The first mascot I ever met was Rory.
  • My alternative account is CloudzSG.

  • I reached 500 edits on this wiki on December 17, 2019.
  • I reached 1000 edits on December 25, 2019.
  • I reached 1500 edits on January 16, 2020.
  • I reached 2000 edits on February 9, 2020.

Mascot Meetups

Tracker(s) used:

  • Club Penguin Mountains Mascot Tracker
  • CPR Cheats Discord Server
  • CPR Discord Server
  • Trackerbot on Twitter

This section contains a list of dates I have met a mascot in 2019, including which server and party (if applicable).

No. Mascot Date (PST) Server Party/Event
#1 Rory November 24, 2019 Blizzard Winter Party 2019
#2 November 27, 2019
#3 December 3, 2019
#4 December 4, 2019 Marshmallow
#5 Aunt Arctic December 25, 2019 Blizzard/Beanie Holiday Party 2019
#6 Rockhopper December 29, 2019 Marshmallow/Ascent
#7 Aunt Arctic Ascent/Beanie
#8 Rockhopper December 30, 2019 Blizzard/Abominable

This section contains a list of dates I have met a mascot in 2020, including which server and party (if applicable).

No. Mascot Date (PST) Server Party/Event
#9 Rockhopper January 2, 2020 Blizzard Holiday Party 2019
#10 Jet Pack Guy January 27, 2020 Festival of Lights
#11 January 28, 2020
#12 Aunt Arctic February 11, 2020 Blizzard/Marshmallow 3rd Anniversary Party
#13 Sleet

This section is a gallery of mascot meetups.

Stamp Completion Dates

Current Stamp Records

Current Stamp Count: 224/307 (as of February 21, 2020)

  • Events = 16/34
    • Characters = 4/16
    • Party = 12/18
  • Games = 176/237
  • Activities = 32/36
  • Pins = 21

Stamp Sub-Category Stamp Date of Completion
Characters PH Stamp Not Yet
Rockhopper Stamp December 29, 2019
Gary Stamp Not Yet
Cadence Stamp
Franky Stamp
G Billy Stamp
Petey K Stamp
Stompin' Bob Stamp
Aunt Arctic Stamp December 25, 2019
Sensei Stamp Not Yet
Rookie Stamp
Herbert P Bear Stamp
DJ Maxx Stamp
Jet Pack Guy Stamp January 27, 2020
Rory Stamp November 23, 2019
Dot Stamp Not Yet
Party Party Stamps

Stamp Date of Completion
Activities Stamps Not Yet

Game Date of Completion
Jet Pack Adventure Not Yet
Aqua Grabber
Astro Barrier
Catchin' Waves
Thin Ice
Puffle Rescue
PSA Missions December 2019
Cart Surfer Not Yet
Card-Jitsu Fire
System Defender
Puffle Launch
Ice Fishing December 2019
Pizzatron 3000 Not Yet
Treasure Hunt December 19, 2019
Dance Contest November/December 2019
Pufflescape January 17, 2020

Previous Stamp Records

Date of Record Stamps
November 21, 2019 46/296
November 23, 2019 93/296
November 29, 2019 128/296
December 7, 2019 130/296
December 18, 2019 139/296
December 25, 2019 162/296
December 28, 2019 178/296
December 29, 2019 188/296
Early January 2020 201/296
January 16, 2020 201/307
The EPF This user is a member of the EPF
PSA Logo This user is a member of the PSA
TourGuideHat This user is a Tour Guide
Clothing Sprites 674 jackhammer This user was part of CPRIP
Cart Surfer Medal Pin This user owns the Cart Surfer Medal Pin.
RoryIcon This user met Rory
AuntArcticIcon This user has met Aunt Arctic
Rockhopper icon This user has met Rockhopper
Jet Pack Guy Icon This user has met Jet Pack Guy

Gallery of Stuff

Club Penguin Rewritten

This section contain random stuff. you can just ignore this :p



This section is a gallery of all of my playercards.



This section is a gallery of all of my igloos.


Below is my current stampbook as of February 21, 2020.

Catch Me Elsewhere!

Site Username Activity Status
Discord TrooperGames#4073 Very Active
ROBLOX Aleos375 Quit
Toontown Rewritten Bright Odyssey Inactive


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