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  • I live in Earth
  • My occupation is Blogger, Youtuber, Student
  • I am an Orange
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Hi <insert name here> and welcome to my page! My CPR name is MikeBSN. I play Club Penguin Rewritten and do edits here.


  1. My Favorite face item is Dark 3D Glasses
  2. My Favorite body item is UK Hoodie
  3. My favorite neck item is Blue Striped Scarf
  4. My favorite feet item is Sunset Cloud Canvas Shoes
  5. My Favorite Pin is Rockhopper's Key Pin
  6. My favorite penguin skin is Orange
  7. My favorite puffle is Green Puffle
  8. My favorite room is Town
  9. My favorite mascot is Gary
  10. My favorite mini-game is Catchin' Waves and Dance Contest
  11. My favorite colour is Green


  • I have 5 puffles, Spark, Jetpack, Bobby, Pufflet and Thanos (What?! I adopted Thanos!)
  • My first mascot to meet was Gary (Who is my favorite)
  • The server i mostly visit is Blizzard.
  • I have met Rory, Gary, Dot, Jet Pack Guy, Rockhopper, Puffle Handler and Aunt Arctic


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