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  • I live in Club Penguin Island
  • I was born on July 2
  • My occupation is playing a penguin game
  • I am loving my pfp made by @ncIzencpr!
β€œ I am an eternal flame, baby! ”
— Ruby, Steven Universe

Page last updated on July 8, 2020

Hello, world!

Hello there! (If you're reading this, how did you get here?!?!?!) Welcome to my user page!! My name's degarmoo's purple friend! I play cpr a lot (please don't shut down). I am of the male gender πŸ’πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ. United States Flag I am American. My cpr outfit consists of some items. My Club Penguin Rewritten username is Bobbynibbles. I have met nine mascots including Dot. I have a Purple Puffle Purple Puffel named Jimmy. I have all 3 insanity stamps. The very first pin I got was the Gold Feather Pin Gold Feather Pin. If I seem familiar to you, you might have seen me in Discord where I am very active (my name's bobbynibblestix#5465) and I'm in a few fairly popular CPR servers. I'm always open to learning new things and feel free to tell me any new facts or information I might enjoy in my message wall! If you see me around the island, feel free to say hi! I'm always updating this page with new information or grammatical errors! You can always find me chillin' like a villain in sub-zero arctic wind. (Or in discord.) If you want to see more of me, go to this link. What else do I put here?

I use this wiki a lot and always look for information! I mainly correct grammatical errors, but I sometimes add new information and pictures! Of the 5,003 pages on this wiki, I have created 17. Most of my edits go to my userpage. My favorite page on the wiki is this one. Also, of all Fandom Wikis, this one is by far the one I'm most active on. I have made one poll, and it was about what the best viking helmet was. (Spoiler alert: it's the purple one.) I have joined the wiki discord. This one is my favorite!

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White Puffle Pin, the 4,736th page on the wiki.

Purple Propeller Cap, the 4,737th page on the wiki.

Solar-Powered Flashlight, the 4,744th page on the wiki. (A wanted page)

Round Ruby Pin, the 4859th page on the wiki.

Purple Balloon, the 4860th page on the wiki.

Orange Balloon (furniture), the 4861st page on the wiki.

Warm Jukebox, the 4,865th page on the wiki.

Music Jam 2020, the 4,868th page on the wiki.

Snow and Sports May'20, the 4,871st page on the wiki.

Fruit Squeeze Stamp, the 4,874th page on the wiki.

Shipshake Stamp, the 4,875th page on the wiki.

Berry Smart Stamp, the 4,876th page on the wiki.

Tasty Treat Stamp, the 4,879th page on the wiki.

Fruit Splatter Stamp, the 4,888th page on the wiki.

Fruit Power Stamp, the 4,890th page on the wiki.

Apple Pin, the 4,891st page on the wiki.

Twilight Surfboard, the 4946th page on the wiki.

Cool edits:

This sentence was my 500th edit, and it was made on May 4th, 2020.

This sentence was my spoopiest edit, and it was made on May 25th, 2020.

Another thing I did on May 4th was being the most active wiki member that week 😎

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Mascots I Have Met

Rockhopper (Holiday Party 2019)

Aunt Arctic (3rd Anniversary Party)

Puffle Handler (Puffle Party 2020)

Dot (Fashion Party)

Rookie (April Fools' Party 2020)

Stompin' Bob (Music Jam 2020)

Franky (Music Jam 2020)

Petey K (Music Jam 2020)

G Billy (Music Jam 2020)

Cadence (Music Jam 2020)

More Specific Stamp Things

Current Stamp Count: 252/323

Events = 24/34

Characters = 10/16

Party = 14/18

Activities = 35/36

Games = 193/253

Pins = 35

Goals For the Future

Buy the most expensive clothing item βœ“

Obtain the Portal Box βœ“

Get the Ace Pilot Stamp βœ“

Get all Insanity Stamps βœ“

Buy the most expensive igloo item βœ“

Donate during a Devcast βœ“

To have a year old penguin βœ“

Become Penguin of the Week βœ“ (ily guys)

Obtain the Blue Book

Obtain the Blue Mail Bag

Obtain this cool pin

Get one million coins

Meet all mascots

to be old

Get all stamps

Minigames That I Have All Stamps On

System Defender (13/13 stamps)

Ice Fishing (13/13 stamps)

Dance Contest (8/8 stamps)

Treasure Hunt (5/5 stamps)

Pictures of Stuff

My Stampbook

Cool Postcards

Random Images


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