The following is unreleased/unused content from Club Penguin Rewritten that was found in the game's files, or was mentioned by the Staff.

Left over elements from Club Penguin

Club Penguin Rewritten contains many left over elements from Club Penguin such as items, rooms, stamps, games, etc. This is because Club Penguin Rewritten uses Club Penguin's media server.


  • Stu Jr. was supposed to get a new throwing animation, but was scrapped.[1] According to Hagrid, Stu Jr. would throw their hammer at someone when Stu banned them.[2]
  • The Island Lei has a redesigned non-unlockable icon .swf file, despite the fact the item only has been released as a code.
  • The Red Nose was planned to have an unlockable icon, but was scrapped due to people finding the code early before it was officially released.[3]
  • The Very Cherry Background was originally going to be released as a separate code, but was merged with the Strawberry Costume code instead.[4]
  • The Enchanted Armour color scheme was originally going to be different shades of blue before being settled on a shade of purple.[5]
  • The Tussle has another ID of 1108, which is custom and only has a sprites .swf file. This suggests that the item was intended to be in a catalog, but was scrapped.
  • The King and Queen Background was supposed to have the Dragon Queen appear alongside Scorn, but was removed because she appeared out of place.[6]

Head Items

Neck Items

Hand Items






  • The Recon originally had the drawings from Sector 2 on the whiteboard and the Herbert practice targets had a lighter color palette. In the final release, the whiteboard is blank and the Herbert practice targets have a darker color palette.
  • The Hidden Dojo Room had some differences in its sketch concept art such as there being three seats to the left instead of two.[13]
  • The Dojo Pathway emblem in the gazebo originally had color, but was changed to brown to blend better.[14] The sketch concept art of the room also showed some differences such as a barrel being next to the door instead of a plant.
  • The Serene Springs had a ton of key differences in its concept art versus the final version. Some differences include a sign where you could adopt a Grey Puffle, the ninja puffle on the top left and the stone puffle on the right of the waterfall were missing, and the walkway and water had a different look.

  • The Culdesac was scrapped due to it not fitting with the 2010 Club Penguin art style the team wanted.[15] It featured entrances to the Mall and Hospital.
  • The Mall was scrapped due to it not fitting with the 2010 Club Penguin art style the team wanted. It was going to coexist with the Stage.
  • The Hospital was scrapped due to it not fitting with the 2010 Club Penguin art style the team wanted. It reused some elements of Operation: Blackout's Lighthouse design.


  • Card-Jitsu was supposed to get a leaderboard, but didn't because of Club Penguin Rewritten temporarily shutting down.[16] It is unknown if it will ever appear.
  • Sled Racing was confirmed to get stamps on August 30, 2018[17] and was delayed to September 6, 2018[18] according to the Club Penguin Times, but never appeared. It is unknown if it will ever come. Sled Racing's leaderboard from the Penguin Games is also set to come back.[19]
  • Hydro-Hopper is supposed to receive a redesign in the future according to devcast along with stamps.[20]
  • Jet Pack Adventure is supposed to receive a redesign in the future according to devcast.[21]
  • Card-Jitsu Water was supposed to come in November 2019, but was delayed due to time constraints. It is set to come out in 2020.[22]

  • Ice Fishing revamp originally had a different design for the number of bait the player has.
  • Pufflescape has an earlier unused version of the game's icon found in the Pet Shop's .swf file.

  • Ice Fishing has unused sprites for the animation of the Rare Mullet being caught found in the game's .swf file. The game instead uses the regular Mullet's sprites for when the rare mullet is caught.
  • Card-Jitsu has blank unused Card-Jitsu Cards SWF's files with custom IDs of 148, 171, 175, 184, 390, and 494.
  • Dance Contest was supposed to get new tracks, but it was scrapped because of technical issues.[23]



  • The Grey Puffle originally had a darker shade of gray, no eyebrows, and it was sleeping in its icon in its first concept art.[26] In Rainbert's concept art for the puffle, it was revealed that the puffle was going to have a slightly different tongue color and the animations for playing and bathing were different. For its play action, the training dummy the puffle fights originally resembled a walrus and a polar bear, but was changed to resemble Octi instead. For its bathing animation, it was originally going to be the puffle bathing in a square bathtub with a paper screen behind it, but was changed to incorporate the gardening aspect of the puffle.[27] For its angry animation, the grey puffle was originally going to hiss, but was changed to it reading a newspaper instead.[28]

  • The Gold Puffle was supposed to appear in April 2017, but was scrapped. It would've been available from the Quest for the Golden Puffle play.[29] It was shown in a deleted What's New Blog post and Club Penguin Rewritten's Twitter even held a poll asking people if they wanted it to be added with 63% saying yes. When it was hacked into the game, it was shown that it reused the Orange Puffle's puffle card and the Red Puffle's animations for playing, eating, and cleaning. However, it had its own sleeping animation.[30] This is because it was still early in development.
  • The Rainbow Puffle was developed as a concept, but was never released.[31] When it was hacked into the game, it was shown that it reused the Orange Puffle's puffle card and the Blue Puffle's animations for playing, sleeping, eating, and cleaning. This is because it was still early in development.



Water Party 2017

  • There was supposed to be a logo for the party, but it was scrapped due to time constraints.[32]

The Fair 2017

Christmas Party 2017

The EPF and PSA Rebuild

  • Rory was supposed to visit for the event, but didn't for unknown reasons.[34]

Waddle On Party

Puffle Party 2018

Music Jam 2018

The Fair 2018

  • It was shown in devcast that the Forest and the Great Puffle Circus Entrance originally used The Fair 2011's design from Club Penguin and the Prize Booth at the Forest used The Fair 2012's design as placeholders for the rooms and booth.[37] They were changed in the final release.
  • The Pizza Parlor was originally going to be a custom version of the room from The Fair 2011, but instead it remained unchanged from that party.[38]
  • Spin To Win was planned to appear, but was scrapped because of time constraints.[39]
  • The Global Prizes was originally going to be daily login rewards, but was changed to rewards players can receive when a certain amount of tickets were obtained.[40]

Halloween Party 2018

  • The Box Dimension was supposed to be decorated during the party, but it was scrapped.[41]
  • Dot was originally supposed to appear during the party and have a new background, but didn't because of time constraints.

Island Eclipse

  • It was originally going to be affiliated with an EPF operation, but was scrapped.[42]

Underwater Expedition

  • The map was going to be updated, however it was scrapped because it couldn't be completed on time.[43]

April Fools' Party 2019

Puffle Party 2019

Island Adventure Party: Festival of Fruit

  • Smoothie Smash was originally going to be added during the party, but it was scrapped due to time constraints.[46]
  • There was originally going to be an Igloo Contest themed around the party, but it was scrapped due to time constraints.[47]

Medieval Party 2019

  • Magic Quest was originally called Enchanted Quest and was supposed to have a maze, but was scrapped due to time constraints.[48]
  • The Dragon Queen originally didn't follow the player during the boss fight.
    • She also has unused attack where she would slam her two fists into the ground according to Screenhog's sketches.
  • Stu was originally going to voice the Dragon Queen, but didn't because of Joee.[49]

Summer Luau 2019

  • It was originally going to have only a few rooms decorated, but the team decided to add Water Party 2017 rooms due to community suggestions.[50]
  • The Pizza Parlor went through 2 designs before being released.[51] One of the designs can be found in the game's files and was later used for the Water Party 2020.

The Fair 2019

  • It was shown in a video promoting the party that The Migrator was originally not docked at the Beach. It also showed that Spin To Win was originally called Grab & Spin when hovered over.[52]
  • It was originally going to be combined with the Halloween Party, but was scrapped due to not everyone on the team being on board with it. The Mine Shack was also supposed to decorated after a haunted theme park, but was scrapped.[53]
  • The Bumper Car Bonus originally didn't have a Cream Soda barrel, hay on the top left, and a sign pointing to the Bonus Games Room. The Feed Fluffy Trashcan also originally had balloons attached to it.[54]
  • There was supposed to be new content during the second week, but it was scrapped to focus on the upcoming party.[55]

Club Penguin 14th Anniversary Party

  • Originally, the glass box in the Coffee Shop that has Screenhog's logo in it was originally going to be a picture frame of either a cherry blossom tree or Arctic Blue, Pink, and Arctic White penguins.[56]
  • The Coffee Shop's walls, counter, the bow tied to the counter, and carpet went through several designs before the final release.[57]

Halloween Party 2019

Winter Party 2019

  • The homepage originally didn't have balloons, the snowman next to the Lighthouse, or the penguin snow angels.[61]
  • There was supposed to be more sculptures, but they were scrapped due to time constraints.[62]

3rd Anniversary Party

St. Patrick's Day Party 2020

  • It was originally planned to be a one room event, taking place in the Mine Shack. However, after hearing feedback from the community, the Town and Plaza were decorated as well.[64]

Fashion Party

  • The script [""] = "content/voting_ui.swf?contentVersion=" was discovered in the global crumbs files suggesting that players were originally going to vote for contestants during the Fashion Contest, but was scrapped for unknown reasons.
    • The .swf file mentioned in the script does not exist.

Music Jam 2020

  • Former administrator hagrid released a Twitter thread on June 13, 2020 depicting the original plans for Music Jam 2020.
    • The Music Jam 2020 Interface originally had a different design and featured a concert schedule. The All Access Pass would have also been obtained through this.
    • The logo went through several designs before the final one was chosen. One of the logos showed that the party was originally meant to be called Music Jam: Beach Party.
    • The map originally had a different design.
    • There were plans for a river to flow through the Town and Snow Forts.
    • The Beach, Iceberg, Dock, Snow Forts, Mine Shack, Town, Back Stage, and the Plaza had different designs.
    • There was supposed to be an interactive Concert Hall called the Snowball Dome with performances by Cadence, DJ Maxx, Dubstep Puffle, and the Penguin Band.
      • Taking the fact that multiple flashing images and effects were going to be used, there would have been a pop-up alert warning players about the potential risk of triggering animations.
      • The songs that were going to be performed were: "The Party Starts Now", "The Party Starts Now Remix", "Anchors Aweigh", "Ghosts Just Wanna Dance", "Cool in the Cold" and "Dubstep Puffle".
        • For "The Party Starts Now" segment, Cadence would have been joined by four backup dancers; Lucy, Rosie, Jordyn, and Alice.
    • Out of the original plans, only the Concert Hall Emotes were added to the final party.
      • The Ocean Blue cheering and clapping emotes were found in the interface.swf, but are unused in-game as a result of a bug.

Medieval Party 2020

  • The Town originally had a different design before being released.[66]
  • The School concept art had some key differences versus the final version. Some differences include a banner that says "Go Knights", a cream soda barrel near the wall, an extra plate on the top right table, wands on the left tables, and the pizzas being more detailed.[67]

  • The Penguin Prom was going to be an event in June 2018, but was scrapped because the team thought it would be too inappropriate.[68]
  • The Great Storm of 2019 was going to be an event in October 2019 and was supposed to take place before the Halloween Party 2019, but was scrapped due to time constraints.[69]

Tour Guide Messages

Welcome to the Culdesac! Here you can find the Club Penguin Mall and the Hospital!
This is the hospital. Penguins go in here if they don't feel well!
Welcome to the Mall! Penguins come here to shop for clothes and items!
This is the Recon room! This is where all agents train, gear up and plan. The Tube Transporter can be used to teleport to the EPF Command Room.



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