Tumblers is a singleplayer game accessible through the EPF Phone. It is only available in certain Field-Ops.


Players must match the scanner to the correct frequency number. Players will have to stop it at the exact point, though it allows a little bit of differentiation.

Each player is limited to three lives, in which losing all three will result in the game ending.


  • It appeared in Field-Ops 15 and 19.
    • According to many players when the game was first released, the game was difficult to beat due to the speed of the scanner.
      • Some also said that their scanner did not match with the frequency number despite the scanner matching near or on the correct frequency number.[1][2]
      • Those who were able to complete it also complained that they were not given EPF Medals, while some said that their game froze.[3]
      • The difficulty was lowered and the bugs related to progress were fixed a few hours afterwards.



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