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The Toughest Mountain is a mountain located in the Mountain Range, north of Club Penguin Island. The Toughest Mountain has blizzards, perilous cliffs, and a frigid cavern. Climbing it is a challenge, which is how it got its name.

An old Viking ship and several frozen creatures and objects were discovered in this mountain.

The mountain was first explored during the Mountain Expedition. The mountain happened to be the setting for Operation: Hibernation. It was learned that the motive for the expedition was to let the Elite Penguin Force to detain Herbert, as it was found he had set up a base deep in the cavern of the mountain.

On September 2, 2018, the mountain was able to be explored again during the Penguin Games. Exclusively for the party, the mountain introduced a new Sled Racing track, longer than the Ridge Run.


Mountain Expedition and Penguin Games

Operation: Hibernation


  • The Toughest Mountain is not the tallest mountain in Club Penguin Rewritten, the namely Tallest Mountain is.
  • Players who reached the top of the Toughest Mountain could get a Mountaineer Stamp, as well as a picture taken atop the mountain which could be used as a background on their Player Card.
    • During the Penguin Games, players could still get the stamp, but not the background.
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