• I found you in the server Blizzard I think..

    We were in the mine and both of us finished playing CS and I was about to ask you if you are the real TEAMCD and you just walked away.

    You were wearing a Golf Hat and 3D Glasses too right?

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    • On Rewritten, I usually wear the Golf Hat, Black Glasses, Long White Scarf, Black Suit, Black Dress Shoes and the Blue Book. If you see me wearing all of those, then yes, I am the same TEAMCD as on here. And I have the same name on there as in here too.

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    • So I did actually meet you!

      I'm so glad I'm meeting CPR Wikia community members on CPR itself.

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    • Well I hope you'll enjoy your time here on Rewritten and the Wikia itself.

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    • A FANDOM user
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