Thorn is an administrator and developer on Club Penguin Rewritten.


  • He is a user on this wiki. His account can be found here.
  • He currently has 190 stamps.
  • He was demoted on November 17, 2017, however he was repromoted the next day.
    • He resigned on December 30, 2017, but came back and was promoted to administrator on February 8, 2018.
  • His name used to be "EyebrowBoy" before he changed it.
  • From late November 2018 to late December 2018, if a penguin had him on their buddy list and clicked on the "Find Player" button, a message would pop up saying "Thorn says BOO."
    • Additionally, if he came online, the message in the buddy list would read "Thorn" as opposed to "Thorn is online".
  • He gave away items to some players on January 23, 2020.[1]
    • Due to this, controversy ensued and the items were removed some time afterwards.[2]
  • He refers to moderators as "replaceable volunteers" and himself as a "superior".[3]
  • After the Discord sever re-opened, he began banning community members from the server indefinitely without warning for "disturbing the peace".[4]
  • He and Lovebacon56 raided a community discord server on June 3, 2020.[5]
  • He along with other admins got tipsy on December 31, 2018 and began swearing and were playing inappropriate songs in the Discord server. The community chat was then deleted and replaced the next day. Joee had to apologize for them on their behalf.[6]
  • He once stole a community member's puffles and edited their igloo without permission.[7]
  • His failure as a system administrator caused the game to be breached in July 2019.[8]
  • He let another community member use his personal computer with classified information on it.[9]
  • His refusal of an apology played a contributing factor into most of the mods resigning in May 2020.[10]
    • Before all the moderators mass-resigned, he threatened to demote at least two of them for "not doing what is asked of them".[11]
  • He wanted to keep using Cami's art even after she demanded her art to be removed from the game due to her being banned without breaking any rules.[12] Her art was later removed.


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