The Migrator sailing

The Migrator sailing towards Club Penguin Island

The Migrator is a pirate ship that sees service under Rockhopper and Yarr. The ship's design is like a small Galleon clipper ship. It is used often for Rockhopper and Yarr's adventures on the seven seas and is considered Rockhopper's home.

The ship is supposedly built from wood as, according to Rockhopper, it was assembled on Club Penguin Island. It is a streamlined ship with two floors, high-rise sails, and multiple portholes. Rockhopper has used the ship in many expeditions for which he has documented in his journal.


Upper Deck

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The upper deck is the top part of the ship. It contains the ship's wheel which provides steering, a door leading down to the lower deck, and a mast leading up to the Crow's Nest.

Crow's Nest

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The Crow's Nest serves as a lookout point for the ship, as well as a means of defense. The Snow Cannon 3000 included here is often used to destroy icebergs.[1] Yarr uses his telescope here on lookout duty.

Ship Hold

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The Ship Hold serves as the storage area for cargo, including many treasures. It contains a small shop, which allows penguins to buy rare items that Rockhopper finds.

Captain's Quarters

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The Captain's Quarters is Rockhopper's personal room. It contains various items, treasures, and an office for Rockhopper to do his writing and charting.


Island Adventure Party: Rockhopper's Quest

For the Island Adventure Party: Rockhopper's Quest, Rockhopper wanted to allow penguins to venture on the ship for a quest to construct a new beacon for Shipwreck Island. To make travel times faster, he asked Gary to upgrade the ship.

Gary retrofitted temporary upgrades to The Migrator to make its speed significantly fast and to endure more damage. The upgrade included a titanium hull and two giant jackhammers added to the front of the ship for protection from icebergs, plus a giant fan to provide reliable wind for the sail.


  • The ship contains two flags. The flags on the ship resemble the Jolly Roger flag but with a puffle instead of a skull.
  • The ship's name originated from when Aunt Arctic asked Rockhopper where he was migrating to.[2]


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