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'Stu Jr.' is an exclusive puffle owned by Stu. He is a Green Puffle that wears the Big Brow just like his owner.


  • He is the only Puffle exclusive to a Staff member.
  • He doesn't show up on Stu's Player Card.
  • His animations were made by Hagrid.
  • The unique uni-brow on Stu Jr. was a concept first created in a comic by Melchior that was featured in the Club Penguin Times.
  • He was supposed to get a new throwing animation, but it was scrapped.[1] According to Hagrid, Stu Jr. would throw their hammer at someone when Stu banned them.[2]
  • He, along with Stu, made an appearance at the Concert Hall as one of the performers during Music Jam 2019.







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