stu is an administrator and the community manager on Club Penguin Rewritten. He also blogs for various bits of the What's New Blog and runs the official Club Penguin Rewritten Twitter account.


  • He is British.
  • He was promoted to community manager on May 30, 2017.
  • His favorite item in the game is the Big Brow, which he rarely takes off.
  • He currently has 101 stamps.
  • Stu has revealed in an interview that he is not a huge fan of Club Penguin Rewritten minigames, although his favorite is Ice Fishing.
  • The username "stu" is short for Stuff, which was his old username before he changed it.
  • His name has three letters, although the character limit is 4 to 12 characters.
  • He has three alternate accounts called "STUFFington", "EatYaVeggies" and "Gizmo Gadget".
  • He owns two puffles: Stu Jr. and A.
  • He is the only penguin to have a unique puffle.
  • He used to make the Penguin of the Week art.
  • He, Zeus, Shrootea, Symfox, Christopher, Joee, and Charlie are the only penguins to have a Green Viking Helmet despite never being Penguin of the Week.
  • He used to run Stu Sunday.
  • He was promoted to administrator on January 9, 2018.
  • He had the YouTuber Pin.
  • His favorite pin is the Pizza Slice Pin.
  • He always wears the color Dark Green.
  • He does not like popcorn.
  • His favorite Marvel character is the Hulk.
  • He has made appearances in issue #30 and issue #47 of the Club Penguin Times.


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