A penguin about to throw a snowball.

Every player in Club Penguin Rewritten has the ability to throw a snowball. This is done either by clicking the snowball icon in the left part of your toolbar or by pressing the letter T on your keyboard. To aim, move your mouse where you want to throw the snowball and then press the left mouse button to throw. Several rooms around the island have items you can interact with by throwing a snowball at it, like the Snow Forts and the Cave Mine.

Snowball types

Many parties have changed the snowballs into a different item. The item would appear when throwing a snowball in a certain room, or in some parties, the item could be thrown anywhere on the island.

Some rooms don't change the snowballs but changed the way they are thrown.

  • If you threw a snowball in the Box Dimension, it bounced up and down in the air before touching the ground. This would mean that the Box Dimension doesn't follow normal physics laws.


  • A single room can only have up to 10 snowballs. If the eleventh snowball is thrown, the earliest one thrown will be removed. Snowballs may even be removed when they are still in air.
  • Snowballs can be thrown at the target at the Clock Tower so that it can rotate. The action can be repeated 10 times to earn the Clock Target Stamp.
  • On page 3 of The F.I.S.H., it is stated not to report penguins for throwing snowballs at you.
  • The area the snowball lands on is not precise. However, it always lands in the area of the blue circle of the target.
  • If you mash the T key and rapidly click, you can throw snowballs extremely fast.
    • However, you may be kicked from the server you're playing on it since you are spamming the key.
  • In the Desert Dimension snowballs melt after hitting the ground.


Throwing Animations

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