Snow and Sports May'17 was a Snow and Sports catalog in Club Penguin Rewritten. It was released on April 25, 2017 and expired on August 23, 2017.


Neck Items

Icon Item Cost
Hiking Backpack
Hiking Backpack 300 Coin ico
Silver Whistle 100 Coin ico

Body Items

Icon Item Cost Hidden?
Red Away Soccer Jersey
Red Away Soccer Jersey 600 Coin ico No
Yellow Away Soccer Jersey
Yellow Away Soccer Jersey
Green Away Soccer Jersey
Green Away Soccer Jersey
Yellow Soccer Jersey
Yellow Soccer Jersey Yes
Blue Away Soccer Jersey
Blue Away Soccer Jersey No
Goalie Jersey
Goalie Jersey
Green Soccer Jersey
Green Soccer Jersey Yes
Red Soccer Jersey
Red Soccer Jersey No
Blue Soccer Jersey
Blue Soccer Jersey
Red Hiking Outfit
Red Hiking Outfit 350 Coin ico
Pink Hiking Outfit
Pink Hiking Outfit
Referee Jersey
Referee Jersey 300 Coin ico

Hand Items

Icon Item Cost
Soccer Ball
Soccer Ball 300 Coin ico
Blue Foam Finger 50 Coin ico
Red Foam Finger
Green Foam Finger Icon
Green Foam Finger
Yellow Foam Finger

Feet Items

Icon Item Cost
Hiking Boots
Hiking Boots 325 Coin ico


Icon Item Cost
Mountaintop Background Icon
Mountaintop Background 60 Coin ico
Sports Equipment Background Icon
Sports Equipment Background
Soccer Background icon
Soccer Background

Room Furniture

Icon Item Cost
Soccer Net
Soccer Net 250 Coin ico
Bench 200 Coin ico
Hand Weights icon
Hand Weights 350 Coin ico
Weight Bench
Weight Bench 680 Coin ico

Wall Furniture

Icon Item Cost
Score Board
Score Board 520 Coin ico


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