Smoothie Smash is a singleplayer game in Club Penguin Rewritten. It can be accessed at the Stadium. The game was first confirmed to be added in issue #159 of the Club Penguin Times, and was released on May 22, 2020. It was originally meant to be released on May 21, 2020.


In Smoothie Smash, players smash on fruits on a conveyor belt in order to stay airborne. Failing to do so will result in the player falling off the conveyor belt. There are two different modes; Normal mode and Survival mode.


In Normal mode, players are tasked with completing smoothie orders by smashing on the correct fruits that are part of the recipe for the order, in order. The recipe for the order is displayed on cards below the conveyor belt, and the fruits in the recipe will also be marked with a white outline on the conveyor belt.

Players are initially given two minutes at the start, but time extensions that appear after smashing multiple correct fruits consecutively can be picked up to increase the time limit. In addition to time extensions appearing, the conveyor belt will also speed up when more correct consecutive fruits are smashed. It will slow down to its original speed if the player smashes an incorrect fruit or falls off the conveyor belt.


The first fruit smashed will award 10 points. The second consecutive fruit smashed will award 20 points, the third smashed will award 30 points, the fourth with 40 points, and the fifth consecutive fruit will award 50 points. All other consecutive fruits after the fifth fruit will award 50 points each as well. This is because the consecutive meter, which can be seen at the bottom right of the screen, will cap off at 5.

If the player falls off the conveyor belt or smashes the wrong fruit, the consecutive meter will reset to zero.


Customer Recipe
Aunt Arctic Smoothie Smash Strawberry Smoothie Smash Peach Smoothie Smash Fig Smoothie Smash Raspberry Smoothie Smash Grapes Smoothie Smash Apple Smoothie Smash Blackberries
Rockhopper Smoothie Smash Banana Smoothie Smash Banana Smoothie Smash Banana Smoothie Smash Orange Smoothie Smash Orange Smoothie Smash Banana Smoothie Smash Banana
Herbert Smoothie Smash Blackberries Smoothie Smash Blackberries Smoothie Smash Blackcurrant Smoothie Smash Blackcurrant Smoothie Smash Blackberries Smoothie Smash Blackcurrant Smoothie Smash Peach


In Survival mode, players are given a health bar. Falling off the conveyor belt or landing on obstacles such as anvils and bombs will result in the player losing some health. If a player comes in contact with a bomb, they will be knocked off the conveyor belt and all the current fruit on screen will be blown up. If a player comes into contact with an anvil, they will remain on the conveyor belt but lose some health. Once the health bar reaches zero, the game will end. Players can regain health by smashing on fruit.

In this mode however, there are no orders to complete and the main objective is to survive as long as possible without your health bar running out. There is a timer on the top of the screen that tracks how long you've been playing.


Every second the player manages to stay airborne on the conveyor belt, they will be awarded 10 points.



Image Name Description
Fruit Squeeze stamp Fruit Squeeze Complete 5 recipes in one game
Shipshake stamp Shipshake Serve Rockhopper
Berry Smart stamp Berry Smart Serve Aunt Arctic
Beary Berry stamp Beary Berry Serve Herbert


Image Name Description
Tasty Treat stamp Tasty Treat Complete 10 recipes in one game
Fruit Splatter stamp Fruit Splatter Smash 10 correct fruit in a row
Fruit Power stamp Fruit Power Last 2 minutes in survival mode
Deflector stamp Deflector Take no damage for 2 mins in survival mode


Image Name Description
Energizer stamp Energizer Complete 20 recipes in one game
Fruit Stomper stamp Fruit Stomper Smash 20 correct fruit in a row
Smoothie Warrior stamp Smoothie Warrior Last 4 minutes in survival mode
Smoothie Survivor stamp Smoothie Survivor Take no damage for 3 minutes in survival mode


Image Name Description
Smoothie Zing stamp Smoothie Zing Complete 30 recipes in one game
Fruit Smasher stamp Fruit Smasher Smash 50 correct fruit in a row
Smoothie Master stamp Smoothie Master Last 8 minutes in Survival mode
Smoothie Hero stamp Smoothie Hero Take no damage for 4 minutes in survival mode


  • In Normal mode, all orders will start with either an apple or a banana, with the exception of Aunt Arctic and Herbert's.
  • The game was said to be related to the Summer Bash that was held at the Cove by players in the community on May 17, 2020.
  • This games stamps, as well as those from Pufflescape, are the only stamps to include the complete design of the stamp when the stamp is being earned.
  • The game was supposed to be released during the Island Adventure Party: Festival of Fruit in June 2019, but was scrapped due to time constraints.[1]
  • It was located in the Coffee Shop on the original Club Penguin.


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