The Serene Springs is a secret room within the Dojo. As it appears, it functions as a meeting ground for all the grey puffles. Along with an excessive amount of cherry blossoms, there is a waterfall that runs into a holding pond which is surrounded by O' Berry bushes. There is also a small cave which holds many grey puffles and a rock which has "Sensei's Story", a small paper containing information of Sensei and his puffle, Sage before and after the curse that plagued all the grey puffles, turning them to stone. To enter this room, you must have obtained the Wise Puffle Pin to gain access to the Hidden Dojo Room, from there the Dojo Pathway and finally you'll have arrived here.


  • If 20 penguins walk their Grey Puffles in this room at the same time, the Serenity Stamp is earned.
  • Rainbert designed this room, along with the Hidden Dojo Room and the Dojo Pathway.
  • The concept art for the room had a ton of key differences versus the final version. Some differences include a sign where you could adopt a Grey Puffle, the ninja puffle on the top left and the stone puffle on the right of the waterfall were missing, and the walkway and water had a different look.[1]



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