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Template:Infobox character Scorn the Dragon King is an evil dragon king who is the main antagonist of the Medieval Party 2018. Long ago, he used to rule over the Sky Kingdom and Club Penguin Island, but he was defeated by a group of brave heroes with the Thunder Blade.

In 2018, Scorn's darkness had returned to take back the island. Gary took precautions and attempted to ready heroes to do battle with the beast. When the party began, Scorn cursed half the island, and heroes had to collect three magical items (the Fairy Branch, the Spheres of Twilight and the Cursed Stones) to destroy the monster. After claiming the items, they journeyed all the way up to the Mountain of Misery, and battled against him in Scorn Battle.


  • He's the first non-robotic entity to be fought during a Medieval Party.
  • During the construction for the Medieval Party 2018 he flew around the island appearing every 15 minutes in the Town and Dock.


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