The Rules are designed to keep the players safe. Players found not following the rules could be banned temporarily or permanently.

The rules are explained in more detail when you first create your penguin. They can be viewed again anytime by pressing the moderator badge icon in the top right corner of the game screen.


Respect others

  • No bullying or being mean to others.

Chat nicely

  • No rude or inappropriate language. This includes swearing, racism, talking about drugs, sex or alcohol.

Stay safe online

  • No sharing of personal information. This includes your real name, phone number, address, email or password.

Play fair

  • No cheating or use of third party programs.


  • Political and Religious discussion is not allowed.
  • Chat of game manipulation/cheating is not allowed.
  • Inappropriate jokes are not allowed; this includes references to them.
  • Asking for personal information, such as names or ages, is not allowed.
  • Speak of social medias is not allowed as they can contain explicit content.


  • Inappropriate igloos are not allowed: funerals, politics, etc.
  • Using clothing and/or dance actions in an inappropriate way is not allowed.


  • If you click the "Chat nicely" speech bubble, you can take a test to become a PSA agent (if you are at least 30 days old).
  • These are the same rules that were featured in the original Club Penguin.
  • The interface was redesigned on May 14, 2019.



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