Rockhopper with red puffles on the shore of Rockhopper Island

Rockhopper Island is a private island that is owned by and named after Rockhopper, who discovered the island in 2005. It is the original known settlement of red puffles before they were introduced to Club Penguin Island in December 2006 by Rockhopper.

The location of the island is unknown as Rockhopper has kept the route to the island a secret.


Rockhopper Island was first discovered by Rockhopper in April 2005 after he was blown off course by a storm.[1] He later came across it again in May 2005 and decided to name it after himself when he realized there was "nary a soul" on the island.[2]

The island soon became his place to store supplies, items, gold, and treasure, some of which he ships back to Club Penguin Island occasionally.[3][4]

In December 2005, Rockhopper discovered a group of red puffles on the island other than Yarr for the first time. He gave them surfboards and celebrated Christmas with them.[5] The following year, he brought red puffles to Club Penguin Island as a Christmas gift for penguins.[6]


The island comprises of several geographic features, namely:


  • It takes about a month for The Migrator to sail to Rockhopper Island from Club Penguin Island, and another month to sail back.[11]
  • The island does not appear to have snow, which suggests that it has a warmer climate than Club Penguin Island.



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