Rockhopper's Rare Items Feb'17 was a Rockhopper's Rare Items catalog in Club Penguin Rewritten. It was released on February 11, 2017 and expired on February 14, 2017. The catalog was available at the Ship Hold when the Migrator docks at the Beach.


Head Items

Icon Item Cost
Grape Headband
Grape Headband Free
Grape Headdress
Grape Headdress 350 Coin ico
The Grape Vine
The Grape Vine 350 Coin ico

Face Items

Icon Item Cost
Grape Tiki Paint
Grape Tiki Paint 50 Coin ico

Body Items

Icon Item Cost
Grape Tiki Costume
Grape Tiki Costume 400 Coin ico
Grape Tiki Dress
Grape Tiki Dress 400 Coin ico

Hand Items

Icon Item Cost Hidden?
Grape Spear
Grape Spear 150 Coin ico Yes
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