The Red Puffle is a species of puffle in Club Penguin Rewritten that originate from Rockhopper Island.

They are described as "adventurous" and "enthusiastic", and some describe them as great for pirates due to their pirate-like lifestyle at Rockhopper Island. Now adapted to penguin lifestyle, one can now adopt a red puffle at the Pet Shop. One highly notable red puffle is Yarr, Rockhopper's first mate.

Red puffles are known to play Catchin' Waves with their owners and help to score more points. However, they are not comfortable with Survival Mode.


The Red Puffle is necessary for completing two stamps in Catchin' Waves.

Image Name Description
Pufflesurfinstamp.png Puffle Surfin' Take your red puffle for a surf lesson
Podium puffle stamp.png Podium Puffle Finish in 1st, 2nd or 3rd place with your puffle

Notable Red Puffles



  • They like surfing and bowling.
  • Despite them being enthusiastic, when you go and play survival on Catchin' Waves they wimp out. It is therefore possible that even red puffles have limits.
  • These are Rockhopper's favorite puffles.
  • They are the only puffles that blink when you take them out for a walk.


Notable Red Puffles

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