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— Pufflescape

Pufflescape is a singleplayer game in Club Penguin Rewritten. It can be accessed through the Pet Shop. The game was first announced on January 15, 2020, and was released a day later on January 16, 2020.


In Pufflescape, players must guide their puffle to a key which unlocks a door to progress onto the next level. Players can choose to collect Puffle-O's for extra coins. In most levels, players can drag, rotate and move objects such as ice blocks to help their puffle reach certain areas within the level which cannot be reached without help.

The game has a total of 23 levels, which are split into three different level sets:

  • Entrance (levels 1—8)
  • Depths (levels 9—16)
  • Legend (levels 17—23)

Earning at least one Puffle-O in a level will unlock the hints for the level, such as displaying which moveable object should be placed and the angle and the speed the player must make their puffle travel. The final level, Level 23, does not have any hints.

If a Puffle O Bunch (in essence, collecting all Puffle-O's) is collected in one level, an extreme mode for that level would be unlocked. Extreme mode levels give the player a limited amount of time to collect all the Puffle-O's and the key in the level before they disappear. If the player fails to obtain the key in time, they will have to restart the extreme mode level.

In levels 13 and 18—23, a part of the level would be exposed. If the player's puffle falls into the exposed area, the puffle will respawn at the default respawn point and the player's progress for that level would reset.

The player's progress for every level they have completed thus far (including extreme mode) will not save when the player finishes a session of Pufflescape. However, the levels they have unlocked will remained unlocked for subsequent sessions.



Image Name Description
Bonus Snack Stamp.png Bonus Snack Eat a bonus Puffle O
On a Roll Stamp.png On a Roll Complete level 4
Puzzle Pro Stamp.png Puzzle Pro Complete level 8


Image Name Description
Puffle O Feast Stamp.png Puffle O Feast Eat all regular Puffle O's in one set of levels
Bite in Time Stamp.png Bite in Time Eat a disappearing Puffle O
Extreme Puzzler Stamp.png Extreme Puzzler Complete level 12
Master Roller Stamp.png Master Roller Complete level 17


Image Name Description
Quick Snack Stamp.png Quick Snack Eat all disappearing O's in one level
Epic Roller Stamp.png Epic Roller Complete level 22
Ice Master Stamp.png Ice Master Complete the final level


Image Name Description
Fast Food Stamp.png Fast Food Eat all disappearing O's in one set of levels


  • With the stamp bonus, it is possible to earn 900+ coins in less than 30 seconds, making it one of the best games for earning coins fast.[1]
  • You are unable to choose a grey puffle to play as.
  • The name Pufflescape is a portmanteau of Puffle and escape.
  • The stamps of this game, as well as those from Smoothie Smash, are the only stamps to include the complete design of the stamp when the stamp is being earned.
  • There is a bug in Pufflescape that also existed in the original Club Penguin. The bug is that if a player pauses their game, they cannot resume their game due to the resume button being glitched, which forces the player to restart the level.
    • According to Thorn, this bug cannot be fixed.[2]
  • The highest number of coins that can be earned in a single session of Pufflescape is 19650 coins with the stamp bonus in effect.[3]
  • An earlier unused version of the game's icon could be found in the Pet Shop's .swf file.




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