The Puffle Show was a party room that appeared during Puffle Parties. Puffles can take part in different activities in this room such as grooming and going through an obstacle course. Players could collect the Puffle Jacket from this room in 2017 and the Striped Puffle Jacket in 2018 and 2019.

Free items

Year Icon Item
Puffle Party 2017
Puffle Jacket
Puffle Jacket
Puffle Party 2018
Striped Puffle Jacket
Striped Puffle Jacket
Puffle Party 2019
First Prize Puffle Background Icon
First Prize Puffle Background


  • During the obstacle course, all puffles except the Black Puffle and Grey Puffle have the same animation.
    • The Grey Puffle will speed through the course in a blur, skidding to a halt at the end.
    • The Black Puffle will walk to the side, yawn, and skip to the ending platform, sticking out their tongue at the end.


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