Puffle Roundup is a singleplayer game in Club Penguin Rewritten that is accessible through the Pet Shop.


The objective of the game is to round up all the Puffles into a pen. When playing, the player must move their cursor to herd puffles into the pen. The player has 120 seconds in each round. If puffles are driven out of the area, they will escape.

The score is based on how many puffles and how much time is left. After that, the time is multiplied by the amount of puffles in the pen (Ex: 67×9).

Puffle speed

Each puffle has a different speed:

  1. Red Puffles (Fastest)
  2. Brown Puffles
  3. Purple Puffles
  4. Orange Puffles
  5. Green Puffles
  6. Black Puffles
  7. Pink Puffles
  8. Blue Puffles
  9. White Puffles (Slowest)

Yellow Puffles can either be fast or slow depending on a random, unknown factor, and thusly, do not fit into the above list.


  • The Brown Puffle appeared before being officially introduced.
  • This game is very efficient for earning coins, as one can get 90-100 coins per round if they are fast.


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