Puffle Pal Adventures: Music Makes Magic is a book in the Book Room that can only be seen during Holiday Parties. It can be seen on one of the desks in the Book Room. It stars the Elite Puffles in the Forest. Flit, the Green Puffle, is the main character.


On Christmas Eve, Flit sees a giant tree which he plans to decorate with O' Berries like a Christmas tree to surprise his friends. However, he and his propeller hat get stuck in the leaves. The other puffles notice Flit in the tree and decide to get him down before they start singing Christmas carols. After an unsuccessful plan by Loop, Flare notes that the puffles will need magic to get Flit down. Bouncer has the idea that if a bunch of puffles sing, their voices will shake the trees in the Forest and Flit will come down. The plan is successful, and the book ends with Flit wishing the reader a merry Christmas.


  • This is the only time puffles can speak. However, it is just in a story.
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