Feather Pin

Club Penguin Rewritten's first pin, the Feather Pin

Pins are collectible items in Club Penguin Rewritten. Every two or three weeks, a new pin is hidden somewhere on the island, and once gone, old pins will never return (although there have been a few exceptions). Then, the player can select a pin from their inventory and it will appear on the top left-hand corner of their player card.

List of Pins

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Available Pins

Icon Pin Location
Moss Key Pin Moss Key Underwater
Rockhopper's Key Pin Rockhopper's Key Book Shelf
Cart Surfer Medal Pin Cart Surfer Medal Cart Surfer
Wise Puffle Pin Wise Puffle Pin Adopt A Puffle
Scorn Crest Pin Scorn Crest Boiler Room
Leaf Pin Leaf Ski Village
Toothbrush Pin Toothbrush Ye Knight's Quest 2



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